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Advanced statistical physics II (Winter-Spring 2016)

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Advanced statistical physics II (winter-spring 2016)

This course is devoted to most novel methods in statistical mechanics and stochastic processes.

  • Course subjects and program (Download)
  • A good text for commands in Fortran, C++ and matlab (Download)
  • Some necessary things for programming skills (Download)
  • Midterm exam will be on 95/01/28


  1. The Fokker-Planck equation, H. Risken
  2. The Geometry of Random Field, Robert J. Adler
  3. An Introduction to Random Vibrations, Spectral & Wavelet Analysis, D. E. Newland
  4. arXiv:0804.0747
  5. arXiv:physics/0406120
  6. Data analysis: A Bayesian Tutorial, by D.S. Sivia & J. Skilling, Oxford science Publication,  2010
  7. Data reduction and error analysis for the physical sciences, P. R. Bevington & D. K. Robinson, McGrawHill, 2003
  8. Error of Observations and their Treatment, J. Topping, 1972.
  9. Practical Physics, G. L. Squires, 1985.
  10. درسنامه دکتر محمدرضا اجتهادی
  11. درسنامه دکتر محمدرضا رحيمی تبار
  12. درسنامه خودم (Download)


Midterm  will be held on  95/01/28.

Preliminary Marks (Download)


#Set 1 (Download)   Data set I (Download) , Data set II (Download)

#Set 2 (Download)

#Set 3 (Download)

#Set 4 (Download)

#Set 5 (Download)

#Set 6 (Download)

#Set 7 (Download)

#Set 8 (Download)

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