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Advanced Statistical Mechanics (Fall 2016)

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Advanced statistical physics I (Fall 2016)

This course is devoted to modern topics in statistical mechanics.

  • Course subjects and program (Download)
  • First Midterm exam will be held on first week of Aban 95
  • Second Midterm exam will be held on first week of Azar 95

Main References:

1- R.K. Pathria, "Statistical Mechanics"

2- M. Kardar, "Statistical Physics of Particles"

3- Greiner et. al., “Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics”

Other relevant References:

4- Kerson Huang, “Statistical Mechanics”, Johm Wiley and Sons.

5-  arXiv:1107.0568, “Lecture Notes in Statistical Mechanics and Mesoscopics”

6-  STEPHEN J. BLUNDELL AND KATHERINE M. BLUNDELL ,”Concepts in Thermal Physics”.

7-  arXiv:0804.0747

8- arXiv:physics/0406120


Preliminary Marks (Download)


#Set 1 (Download)

#Set 2 (Download)

#Set 3 (Download)

#Set 4 (Download)

#Set 5 (Download)

#Set 6 (Download)

#Set 7 (Download)

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