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Dr. Hossein Mos'hafi

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In the name of God

Dr Hossein Moshafi

I’m a computational cosmologist at Ibn Sina interdisciplinary lab of Physics Department at Shahid Beheshti University (SBU) in IRAN. Also I’m teaching Astronomy & Astrophysics Olympiad for high-school students.

My field of research is mainly observational cosmology including observational constraints on dark energy models, early universe models, future forecast for models and etc. .

I have Ph.D. in Physics from IASBS. I have M.Sc in Cosmology field from Shahid Beheshti University (SBU). Also I passed B.Sc. course at Sharif University of Technology (SBU).

You can see my personal homepage below:

Personal homepage

Persian page

Also you can read my CV :

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

I’m expert in using cosmological codes such as: CosmoMC, CAMB, CLASS, CosmoLib, Gadget2, HEALPix, GLESP and etc. .

You can find more about cosmological codes here. Also there is some useful stuff about science of my works here.


About field of study:

We work on the CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background ) , the radiation which is remnant of early stages of the universe. CMB is most important tool for discovering our universe and its history and origin. Also by analyzing CMB data we can check our cosmology models. We prepare for analyzing the data that will get from Planck mission and extract many useful results.

In Our work we use some software packages such as: CAMB, CMBFAST, CMBEASY, HEALPix and etc.

Here is some of important references for study about CMB:

- S. Weinberg, Cosmology (Oxford, 2008)

- R. Durrer, The Cosmic Microwave Background (Cambridge, 2008)

- astro-ph/0303072 : “CMB-slow, or How to Estimate Cosmological Parameters by Hand”
- astro-ph/9607088 : “Calculation of cosmic background radiation anisotropies and implications”
- astro-ph/0008167 : “Towards a refined cosmic concordance model: joint 11-parameter constraints from CMB and large-scale “
- astro-ph/9911219 : “CMBFAST for spatially closed universes”
- astro-ph/0606683 : “How to calculate the CMB spectrum”
- astro-ph/0802.3688 : “Lecture notes on CMB theory: from nucleosynthesis to recombination”

My personal page

Contact Information:

Email 1: moshafi86[AT]

Email 2: hosseinmoshafi[AT]

Useful links:

Interactive Cosmological Tools

WMAP data product



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