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Here, due to request of my kid (Danial), I open a room for him in my website to put his activities

1) His report of one of his travel from Tehran to Shiraz (2015), (Travel-memory)

2) Travel report from Tehran-Mashhad-Yazd-SHiraz-Tehran (2017), (Travel-memory, Photo1 (Kavir desert ), Photo2 (Yazd monument))

3) Danial and his friend (Amireza Shams) prepared some software for android containing Raspberry Pi program, Bash files, B4A etc.  (Link) and (Link)

4) Danial prepared a presentation to introduce Eghlid city which is the mother-city of his father (Download)

در راستای معرفی شهر مادری،‌ دانیال یک ارایه برای معرفی شهر اقلید از توابع استان فارس آماده کرده بود که من آن را در این جا  ) برای سایرین قرار دادم (لینک

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